Fellowships & Awards

● 2016 Tufts Outstanding Academic Scholarship (Doctoral Level) Award

● 2011 - 2014 ORISE fellow

● 2015 APS Student Research Award - Honorable Mention

● 2015 Tufts Innovations in Psychological Science Award

○ This award is given to the Psychology or Cognitive Science – Psychology graduate

student whose scholarship shows innovations toward unraveling the mysteries of

Psychological Science.

● 2014 2nd prize, 10 minute research presentation, GSC Graduate Research Symposium

● 2013 Tufts Graduate Student Research Award Recipient

○ These awards support research expenses including equipment and supplies, participant

compensation and travel to conduct research. Awards are competitive and are based on

the significance of the research and the clarity of the proposal. Proposals are reviewed by

a panel consisting of both faculty and graduate students from across disciplines.

● 2013 2 Graduate Student Travel Awards - Tufts University

● 2009 recipient of the Priscilla N. Dunne Prize

○ The Priscilla N. Dunne Prize is given annually to an undergraduate psychology major

with an excellent record and great promise of future achievement in the field.